2001 Toyota Tundra for sale by owner - San Diego, CA - craigslist (2024)

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Location of Truck: SAN JOSE, CA

—Fly into San Francisco or San Jose Airport. I could meet you at any Bay Area airport with my Truck. Take it for a test drive as long as you need, and / or take it to any Dealership or Auto shop for an inspection if you’d like, and just drive it back home. Let me know if you need any photos or videos, feel free to ask any questions. Thanks!

2001 Toyota Tundra Limited 4.7 V8 / 2WD

57,000 Original Miles

(this major scheduled maintenance was completed recently in 2022 @ 50k miles)


Yes, my V8 Tundra only has 57,120 original miles: Elderly owned and driven most of its life

Clean Title in hand
-CA Registration Tag Stickers current til 2025
-Smog Check completed
-Fully Serviced / Maintained, needs nothing!
-No Accidents

Mechanical Condition:
(Excellent condition overall)
-Runs exactly as a new Tundra with a 4.7 V8 with an Automatic Transmission should—powerful and smooth! No issues at all
-Zero mechanical issues
-Extremely clean exterior and interior for the year
-No Leaks!
-Toyota Scheduled Maintenance have all been completed

-Timing Belt and Water Pump have been replaced: this major scheduled maintenance was completed recently in 2022 @ 50k miles

Overall Condition:
-Never abused, no accidents, always garaged
-ZERO RUST, has always been a California truck—has never even seen any snow in its lifetime! Super clean underneath!
(Please see photos)
-No Leaks
-Highway mileage mainly from California road trips, very light duty usage by original owners as you can see in the photos
-Never used for Work or any Off-Roading type purposes
-Air Conditioning blows super COLD! Heater blows Hot!

-Excellent overall condition (normal wear and tear for a 20 year old truck: no mechanical issues at all): engine bay is super clean (see photos)

Leather Interior Condition:
-Excellent overall condition
-Very clean tan colored leather seats, no stains or major wear
-Headliner is in great shape and rear seats were hardly ever sat on
-Super clean interior overall, everything operates as should

Truck Bed Condition:
-6.5 ft Truck Bed is in great condition:
-Never used for work duty or Heavy Towing purposes

Toyota Factory drivetrain equipment:
•4.7 Liter V8 engine
•Truck uses Regular 87 Gas
•4 speed Automatic Transmission
•2WD / Two Wheel Drive / RWD

Services / Preventive Scheduled Maintenance w/ only OEM TOYOTA factory parts recently completed:
•Timing Belt and Water Pump replaced in July of 2022 @ 50k miles:
-also replaced: idler / tensioner bearings, hydraulic tensioner, cam/crankshaft seals, and drive belt—as should for preventive maintenance during the Timing Belt kit replacement
•Spark Plugs @ 50k miles
•Serpentine Belt / Drive Belt @ 50k miles

Services completed at the Toyota Dealership in Sunnyvale, CA @ 56k Miles:
•Lower Ball Joints factory LBJs (OEM LBJs and 8 OEM Bolts)
•Transmission Service (not a flush!)
•Rear Differential gear fluid change
•Coolant Flush
•Brake Fluid Flush
•Power Steering Fluid Flush
•Oil Change w/ new Toyota Oil Filter
•Air Filter: Toyota factory Engine Air Filter

Brakes / Rotors replaced:
•Front Brake Pads + Rotors @ 50k miles

Options from Toyota Factory:
•A/C blows extra cold / Heater blows hot!
•Power Seat, Power Windows / Door Locks
•Rear Sliding Window
-Plenty of secure storage space in center console and under seat compartment
•Skid Plate
•Fog Lamps
•Fender Flares / Over-fenders (factory)
•Running Boards (factory)
•Locking Fuel Door / Tailgate
•Bed Liner, Toyota Bedliner (great condition)
•4 Wheel ABS
•Daytime Running Lights
•Wood Trim
•Heavy Duty Starter, Heater, and Battery (All Weather Guard Package)

-6.5 ft Bed
-Access Cab body (AC)
-5 Seats (front Captain Chairs, rear bench)

Aftermarket Extras:
-Pioneer 7” Touchscreen Stereo w/ Apple CarPlay + Android Auto w/ Amazon Alexa
-Bluetooth Microphone for Hands Free Talking
-Backup Camera built into the Pioneer Touchscreen

Other Extras:
-Solar Ceramic Tinted Windows
-New LED Interior Lights
-New Headlight Light Bulbs w/ original headlights in excellent clear condition

Wheels and Tires:
•265/75/16 Hankook Dynapro ATM All Terrain Tires
•16” Pro Comp Alloy Wheels (16x8”)
(Tires + Wheels are in good condition—see pics)…
•The factory original 16” wheels are available

Overall Condition:
Truck is in excellent mechanical condition overall: runs / drives / sounds / and stops great—has always been well maintained

Paint / Clear Coat is NOT fading like most older Tundras (no oxidation!)
-Plastics / Seals / Trims / headlights all in excellent condition (not faded)
-ZERO RUST / ZERO CORROSION (California vehicle, always lived and garaged in the Central Valley or San Jose areas, far away from the coast)

Truck is mostly all bone stock from Toyota factory:
-No mechanical or any other type of modifications besides the obvious: Alloy black matte wheels / All Terrain tires package
-The Original factory 16” stock Toyota alloy wheels are available (excellent condition)

My Tundra has the legendary Million Mile 4.7 V8 proven engine — Google “Million Mile Toyota Tundra”, there’s a few examples of these 4.7 V8 engines lasting over 1 Million Miles!

The 4.7 V8 is one of Toyota’s best V8 engines ever built:
-My Tundra shares the exact same 4.7 Liter V8 Engine as the Sequoia / LX470 / Land Cruiser / 4Runner V8

*Google “BRING-A-TRAILER (BaT)” for current prices on these low mileage 2000 - 2006 4.7 V8 Tundras*



I listed my Google Phone Number above due to avoiding spam / scammers, so I prefer that you send me a TEXT MESSAGE or give me a Call and leave a Voicemail if I don’t answer.

Thanks for Reading my entire post!

Price: $24,900 obo
Price is Negotiable

Location of my Tundra:
San Jose, CA

2001 Toyota Tundra for sale by owner - San Diego, CA - craigslist (2024)


What years are good for Tundra? ›

Here are our top 5 choices for the best used Toyota Tundra Trucks to buy.
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  • 2019 Toyota Tundra. ...
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  • 2016 Toyota Tundra.

How many miles is too high for a Tundra? ›

A typical Toyota Tundra will last 150,000-250,000 miles with proper care. Thus, good mileage is anything over the 150,000-mile mark.

What is the towing capacity of the 2001 Toyota Tundra engine 4.7 L V8? ›

The Tundra comes with a truly exceptional 4.7-liter V8 engine that gives it more than enough power to compete with the big dogs. The Tundra can tow a 7,200-pound trailer or haul more than 2000 pounds in its 8-foot bed.

What is the gas mileage for a 2001 Toyota Tundra V8? ›

14 combined

What year to avoid Tundra? ›

Car Complaints lists the 2012 Tundra as the worst model year as it has high repair costs and has been more problematic at lower mileage. Exhaust system and engine problems were most prevalent; specifically, this involved a faulty air induction pump and attracted an average repair cost of almost $3,000.

Which Tundra engine is best? ›

In a head-to-head matchup, the i-FORCE MAX engine reigns supreme, churning out 437 horsepower and 583 lb-ft of torque. The standard i-FORCE engine is no slouch however, producing 389 horsepower and up to 479 lb-ft of torque.

What is the life expectancy of a 2001 Toyota Tundra? ›

Many reputable automotive sources have reported on the lifespan of a Toyota Tundra, and from the overall analysis, you can expect a Tundra to last between 150,000 to 250,000 miles on average. Reaching 300,000 miles is not out of the norm, if the truck is well-maintained.

What is the life expectancy of a 5.7 Tundra? ›

300K miles with good maintenance is readily achievable.

How far can a Tundra go on a full tank of gas? ›

428 - 612 miles

How many gallons of gas does a 2001 Toyota Tundra have? ›

26.4 gal

How much weight can a 2001 Toyota Tundra bed hold? ›

2001 Toyota Tundra Access Cab Specs, Features & Options
Bed Length
Overall Length
217.5 inches217.5 inches
Payload Capacity
1532 pounds1406 pounds
19 more rows

Is a 2001 Toyota Tundra a full-size truck? ›

Expert Review. The 2001 Toyota Tundra is a full-size pickup truck that can seat up to five people. It's the automaker's first true full-size contender in the U.S. truck market.

How much is a 2001 Tundra SR5 worth? ›

Used 2001 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab pricing starts at $5,438 for the Tundra Regular Cab Long Bed, which had a starting MSRP of $16,085 when new. The range-topping 2001 Tundra Regular Cab 4WD SR5 Long Bed starts at $6,292 today, originally priced from $23,885.

What is the last year of Tundra with V8? ›

Second Generation Toyota Tundra (2007-2021)

Engine options included the standard 4-liter V6 capable of 236 HP up to a 5.7-liter V8 with 381 HP of performance. Both 5- and 6-speed transmissions were made available. The Toyota Tundra 2021 was the final model produced.

Which Toyota Tundra has the best gas mileage? ›

2022 Toyota Tundra MPG by Trim Level

Explore the highest 2022 Tundra fuel economy for each trim, below: 1794 Edition – Up to 18 city / 23 highway MPG. Limited – Up to 18 city / 23 highway MPG. Platinum – Up to 18 city / 23 highway MPG.

Are used tundras reliable? ›

Yes, the used Toyota Tundra for sale is generally considered to be a reliable truck. Toyota has a reputation for building high-quality, dependable trucks for sale in Columbus, Ohio, and the Tundra is no exception.

Is a 2005 Tundra a good year? ›

This version of the Tundra crew-cab was one of CR's top-rated full-sized pickups. Its strong V8, quiet cab and civilized ride mark it among the most well-rounded pickup trucks we've tested.

Is the 2014 Tundra a good truck? ›

Recently, Edmunds.com gave the 2014 Toyota Tundra an overall "B" rating and we praised the practical interior and updated styling. If you're a fan of traditional truck styling, this truck should be right up your alley.

Is a 2012 Toyota Tundra a good truck? ›

2012 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab Review

If you need a tough and rugged truck that knows how to pamper its occupants, the 2012 Toyota Tundra is worth checking out. With the right configuration, the Tundra's payload exceeds one ton and towing capacity can go to 10,400 pounds.

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