Madden 24 best plays to run, pass, and defend (2024)

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Madden 24, in most game modes, allows you to run any offensive or defensive playbook in the entire NFL. You have access to every single play the game conceivably has. Some, much like in the real NFL, are better than others and some plays are stronger than others. Here are the best plays you can use in Madden NFL 24.

What is the best Madden 24 run play?

The best run play in Madden 24 is Outside Zone. Coming from the Philadelphia Eagles offense playbook, this formation implements three wide receivers and a tight end. This implies to the defense that it is a pass play, but it’s not. It’s an outside run (outside the offensive tackle) from the opposite side the running back starts on. When used at the right time, this can be an effective play. The Eagles playbooks have a lot of good run plays.

Zach’s Tips

Many Madden users like passing more often, but a good running play can really change and diversify an offense. Don’t overlook the run.

Also, if you have a mobile quarterback, the read option is a very good play. If done properly, there are two outcomes. Either the defender will crash to the running back, leaving the outside lane open for the QB to run wild, or the defender will stay put, allowing the running back to attack the hole and get significant yardage.

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What is the best Madden 24 pass play?

The best pass play available in Madden 24 is the PA Y Cross play. This comes from the Kansas City Chiefs offensive playbook (Andy Reid is great at designing offensive plays and Madden knows that) in the Shotgun formations Normal Off Close Wk, one of the best formations.

This play sends the left slot receiver deep after curving towards the sideline. The outside wide receiver on that side runs an in curl. The HB runs an out after the play fake, while the tight end runs up and towards the opposite sideline. Finally, the right outside receiver runs a deep inside curl. This allows for a receiver in almost every conceivable zone, giving the quarterback tons of solid options for the best offense.

Curl Flat Seam from the Cincinnati Bengals playbook is pretty good as well. This Singleback formation sends a tight end up and out towards the left sideline. On the other side, the other tight end runs a bit of a fade. The slot receiver runs a flat route, while the outer receiver runs a curl. This again gives plenty of options all over the field in Madden 24.

You can also look to the Jets offense, Colts offense, Saints offense, Ravens offense, Dolphins offense, Texans offense, and more to get good plays that will work with the players you have on your team!

What is the best Madden 24 zone coverage?

The best zone coverage in Madden 24 is the Cover 6 Show 2 play. This comes from the Dime 2-3 formation in the New England Patriots defensive playbook. The play is simple: the two safeties have a deep zone each, one in the middle. The right cornerback is also in deep coverage. A slot corner covers the intermediate in front of him on that side. Two linebackers stay in the middle and the other cornerback covers the left intermediate area.

Another good zone coverage play comes from the Pittsburgh Steelers: Cover 3 Sky. This comes from the 2-4 DBL Mug formation in Nickel. The two linebackers cover one side of the middle zone. One safety is deep, while the other covers the shallow area on the left. On the right, the cornerback stays deep while the slot corner is shallow.

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What is the best Madden 24 man coverage?

The best man defense to run in Madden 24 is the Cover 1 Spy play. From the New York Jets playbook, one of the best defensive playbooks, this play leaves all defensive backs in coverage, with the two safeties providing help over the top. The middle linebacker (this is in 4-3 formation) spies the QB, while the two edge rushers stay wide to prevent a scramble.

Another good Madden 24 man play is Cover 1. This play, coming from the Dallas Cowboys defensive playbook in the 4-4 Split formation, is straightforward but effective. The cornerbacks guard their man, while the safeties help deep. The linebacker picks up the running back and another linebacker is in zone in the middle. Everyone else rushes.

What is the best Madden 24 blitz?

The best blitz play in Madden NFL 24 comes from the Las Vegas Raiders. The 2-3 Dime Formation has a play called Str Eagle Slant 3. This play leaves both cornerbacks in deep zone. The left slot corner stays intermediate. The left outside linebacker stays in the middle in zone. One safety is deep and the other is in the right intermediate. Everyone else blitzes, angling towards the left.

Another really effective blitz play comes from the Denver Broncos playbook. The play Buck Slant 3, from Nickel 2-4, is very useful. This sends the left outside linebacker around the edge of the line on a blitz. The slot corner on that side joins him. Even the best offensive playbook will struggle with this one.

You can also run custom offense and custom defense, but those plays are far less established and have only situational advantages.

Madden 24 best play FAQs

What’s the best run play in Madden 24?

The best run play is Outside Zone.

What is the best passing play?

The best pass play available in Madden 24 is the PA Y Cross play.

Madden 24 best plays to run, pass, and defend (2024)


What is the best defense play to run in Madden 24? ›

Nickel 3-3, Nickel 3-3 Cub, Big Nickel Over G, and Dollar 3-2 are considered 4 of the best defenses in Madden. Having them together in one playbook is invaluable.

What is the best pass defense playbook in Madden 23? ›

Best Defensive Playbooks in Madden 23
  • Kansas City Chiefs. As of right now, it seems as though the meta defensive playbook in Madden 23 lies with the Kansas City Chiefs. ...
  • When it comes to defensive playbooks in Madden, non-team playbooks are usually the meta. ...
  • Multiple D. ...
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers. ...
  • Chicago Bears. ...
  • Baltimore Ravens.
Sep 2, 2022

What is the best Madden 24 offensive playbook? ›

The best offensive playbook in Madden 24, by our estimation, is held by Matt LaFleur's Green Bay Packers. Although the offensive scheme may seem run-heavy at first, there is plenty of variety to suit the needs of most play styles.

What play stops the run in Madden 24? ›

Using base align and press coverage: Base Aligning helps clog up the running lanes whereas pressing your coverage will also help to prevent the offense from getting open receivers.

How to be good in Madden 24? ›

Speed is key in Madden 24 when running away from the final man to bursting through the defensive line. Using the fastest stars at the right time can get you easy touchdowns. Knowing when to press the sprint button is also important, as doing so when in space or when a lane opens can accelerate you clear.

What is the best pass defense? ›

Passing Defense
#TeamPass Yards Allowed Avg.
28 more rows
Feb 2, 2024

What team has the best passing defense in Madden 23? ›

What is the best defense to use in Madden 23?
  • Bills. The Bills had the league's best defense in 2021. ...
  • Rams. This is where having star power really makes a difference. ...
  • Packers. On the flip side of the star talent of the Rams is the well-rounded group of the Packers. ...
  • Steelers. ...
  • Texans. ...
  • Lions. ...
  • Falcons.
Jul 22, 2022

What team has the best passing playbook in Madden 23? ›

Best offensive playbooks in Madden 23
  • Best rushing playbook: Baltimore Ravens. ...
  • Best passing playbook: Kansas City Chiefs. ...
  • Best balanced playbook: New England Patriots/Oakland Raiders. ...
  • Most underrated offensive playbook: Detroit Lions. ...
  • Best playbook to beat man coverage: Pittsburgh Steelers.
Sep 1, 2022

What defense should I use in Madden? ›

A 4-3 or 3-4 formation is a go-to choice for beginner Madden players because they offer a stronger defense with extra linebackers. But choose the best formation with two principles in mind: If the opponent has three or more receivers, go with a formation with at least three cornerbacks.

What team has the best run offense in Madden 23? ›

Best rushing playbook: Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens hold the NFL record for most consecutive games with 100 yards rushing (43 games). Their Madden 23 offensive playbook is chock-full of various rushing plays that will surely trick any defense.

How to adjust defense Madden 24? ›

You may decide with the left stick to slide your defensive line one way or another before the snap to better arrange your players or have them guard the outside. With the right stick, you can tell your line to attack in a direction at the snap or choose to clog up the middle if you're sensing a run up the gut.

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