Quality Furniture Brands — Bakers Home Furnishings (2024)

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    At Bradington-Young, it all began over 30 years ago with a mission to build high quality products for a fair price. A humble beginning, combined with a burning desire to be the very best, molded Bradington-Young into the premier furniture manufacturer it is today. Bradington-Young is a division of Hooker Furniture, one of the world's largest and most respected furniture companies.

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    We offer the highest quality and largest selection of hand-hammered copper furniture in the industry. Sustainably sourced from recycled copper and reclaimed wood, Copper Instincts furniture stands out for its superior design, meticulous construction, and custom ordering capabilities. Made in Mexico and American-owned, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and on-time delivery.

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    CVW handcrafts the finest in hardwood furniture, featuring traditional favorites to truly "American Modern" selections. Whether looking for the latest in dining furniture or bedroom furniture that'll satisfy nearly everyone's taste and preferences, you'll find it!


    Eleanor Rigby Home is a family-owned upholstery company and fine furniture manufacturer based in San Diego with more than 35 years of experience in the home furnishings industry. Our enduring designs are distinguished by hand-applied finishes, hand-stitched detailing and extremely comfortable upholstered seating. Operating in an exclusive manufacturing facility, we foster a working environment that invites creativity, collaboration and inspires excellence.

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    Furniture that's made well. That’s built to last. That’s nice to look at. And most importantly, keeps you comfortable. Flexsteel products are built on beliefs and values that evolved through over a century of manufacturing. Through the years, their commitment to craftsmanship, accountability, and leadership has helped them grow and thrive. Their design and construction go hand in hand to create comfortable, long-lasting furniture.

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    Founded in 1924 in Martinsville, VA, Hooker Furniture today is one of the most respected and admired home furnishings companies in the world. Their dining, bedroom, home entertainment, home office and accent furniture is distinguished by beautiful quality craftsmanship and functional features to make your life easier.

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    The “Jason Scott Collection” was born in a small village in Java where he began manufacturing furniture. These exquisite works of reclaimed teak are salvaged from abandoned structures and handcrafted using a unique ten step process of wire brushing, scraping with broken glass, burning, waxing, rubbing with empty bottles, and state-of-the-art kiln drying.

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    American handcrafted contemporary furniture for over 40 years. Joe Johnston, President and Owner of Johnston Casuals, was what you might say “born into” the furniture business. He is a third-generation furniture manufacturer. Designers have clients and customers who have special needs and desires. By owning a Johnston Casual furniture piece or pieces, you’re going to own a truly unique item. Johnston Casuals furniture pieces are functional pieces of furniture, but they are also pieces of art.

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    King Hickory Furniture Company is afamily owned company. They began manufacturing fine upholstered furniture in 1958 in Hickory, North Carolina.For over 50 years, King Hickory have proudly provided the highest quality, upholstered fabric and leather furniture to the consumer.

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    Massoud Furniture is family-owned-and-operated, all pieces are created right here in the U.S.A. and the result is a quality difference you sense immediately. From the kiln-dried hardwood frames to the finest leathers and fabrics to the meticulous craftsmanship made to last generations. The personal attention that the Massoud family gives its own business has made a real difference. 50 years of excellence has proven that again and again.

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    The story of Omnia Leather begins with a belief that comfort is personal. It's more than how comfortable you feel sitting in a chair; it's about accommodating your needs to create the right style for you. They bring the belief to life through their skilled craftsmen who combine the innovation and expertise of American-made furniture design.

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    Sam Moore has been lovingly crafting fine upholstered seating in the U.S. for over 80 years. From beloved classics to trendy transitional styles, you can be comfortable knowing each piece is handcrafted with pride by Americans for American homes. Our range of seating selections include Chairs, Sofas, Sectionals, Motion Seating, Chaise Lounges and Ottomans.

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    Seventy-plus-years with our eye on the future. All of our factories are located in the Hickory, North Carolina area. We are very fortunate to have a workforce of skilled technicians who combine time honored manufacturing techniques, and the highest quality materials, to hand build each piece of furniture for your home. Our dedication to maintaining the highest product make Sherrill Furniture Company the furniture industry leader in producing quality home furnishings.

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    At Simply Amish Furniture the term Amish isn’t a style. It's the standard of excellence by which all their solid wood furniture is handcrafted — this standard is desired by many and practiced by a very rare few. The quality of solid wood furniture is in the fine details of solid wood drawers, that are hand-finished, inside and out, and it’s created by the skill of genuine Simply Amish craftsmen, which has been passed down from one generation to the next.

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    Made in America since 1946. In an industry where others have gone to cheaper materials and shoddy workmanship, Trend Manor continues to offer SOLID WOOD furniture of exceptional value. Trend Manor is committed to having the latest woodworking equipment but steadfastly refuses to compromise quality craftsmanship.

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    For three generations the Whittier family has worked side by side to maintain the integrity of quality and honesty that began in the 1920s. The business has evolved over the decades but their commitment to their customers and making a quality product remains steadfast. You'll be delighted in everything from the attention to detail, to the commitment to sustainability and breadth of offerings.

Quality Furniture Brands — Bakers Home Furnishings (2024)
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