The Untold Story of McKinzie Valdez's Career as a Model (2024)

19-year-old American social media personality and model Mckinzie Valdez, is a best known for her curvaceous physique, which has helped her accrue over 1.3 million followers on her TikTok account @kinzi3boo.

The Untold Story of McKinzie Valdez's Career as a Model (1)


  • 1 Early life and education
  • 2 Career
    • 2.1 Returning to TikTok
    • 2.2 Modeling and acting
  • 3 Sexuality
  • 4 Dating
  • 5 Physical characteristics
  • 6 Net worth

Early life and education

Mckinzie Rae Valdezwas born on30 June 2004,in Corpus Christi, Texas USA. After the family moved to North Carolina, Mckinzie matriculated from Union Pines High School in Cameron in 2022. According, she excelled at track and field and ran 100 meters in 13.47 seconds, 200 meters in 28.12 seconds, and 800 meters in 2 minutes 31.56 seconds. In 2020, she posted photos from the state championships to her Instagram, @mckinzie.rae, but which was deleted in mid-2021.

In September 2022, Mckinzie enrolled atEast Carolina Universityin Greenville, however, inMay 2023, she announced that she’d given up on her dreams of becoming a doctor. That was partially because she didn’t like the college; she also wanted to focus on ‘posting thirst traps,’ i.e., photos and videos that entice followers sexually and motivate them to like her posts and compliment her appearance.


Mckinzie started her career in 2019 by posting videos related to dancing and lip-synching to popular songs to her@mckinzie.valdezTikTok account. The first song that she danced to was by rapper Bbno$. Mckinzie also flaunted her voluptuous physique in revealing outfits, yoga pants, and tight dresses, so TikTok banned her account at some point, following repeatedreports of her being underageor showing what some users considered nudity.

Mckinzie announced in a now-deleted Instagram post that TikTok had restored access to her account, but her following on the alternative had grown by that point. Therefore, she deactivated the original one or changed its username, potentially to @kinzi3baby, the username for her still active backup account.

Returning to TikTok

Mckinzie began posting on what became her primary account on5 January 2023. The cornerstone of her content has stayed the same; still, she’s experimented by creating amateur-lookingcosplays and posting videos in public andfrom the gym, demonstrating her workouts. Moreover, she began filming comedy skits, usually imitations of stereotypes for fashion models and social media stars. She also collaborated with well-known TikTok personalities Bri Adeline, Lexy Panterra,Lucien Lorraine, andBryce Hall.

Importantly, Mckinzie used TikTok to share more about herself, as some of her followers have accused her of ‘having only one talent, showing off her buttocks,’ to which she usually responded with witty remarks or doubling down on posing seductively.

She shared that she was a big fan of rapperJ. Coleand the “Attack on Titan” Japanese animated series, known as anime. Furthermore, Mckinzie showed hertwofemaledogs, who had been with her for a long time, anda male named Pickles, whom she adopted in December 2023. Mckinzie is also a fan of the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) festival and has attended the ones in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, and Orlando, Florida, US, in 2023.

Modeling and acting

Besides TikTok, Mckinzie primarily modeled on her now-deleted Instagram account from the age of 15. Unfortunately, when Instagram removed her original account, she had to create a second one, @kinzievaldez2, inNovember 2021. Since then, Mckinzie has mainly posted photos in provocative outfits, swimwear, activewear, and costumes typical for exotic dancers whenever she went to parties or festivals.

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Mckinzie has promoted clothes by Boutine Los Angeles, Freedom Rave Wear, Rave Wonderland, and Dior. Furthermore, she’s posed for photographers such as Alvaro Moser, John Summit, Reymer Arias Ast, and Kendall Arzu. On Mckinzie’s official website,, she claims that she has worked as a catwalk model, presumably in North Carolina or Miami, Florida.

Kinzie is also a nude model and adult actress who produces content on the OnlyFans platform; she charges roughly $15 monthly for access to over 1,300 photos and more than 130 lewd videos on her account, @hoesluvkinz. That allowed her fans tovote for herin the Most Amazing Ass category during the nominations for the 2023 AVN Awards.


In June 2022, Kinzie posted a pride flag in the caption of an Instagram photo set in which she carried a pride flag, indicating that she is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She has also expressed interest in men on her TikTok, and indicated that she’s bisexual. Mckinzie has revealed that the guy has to be funny and be willing to give her some of hispairs of boxers. Furthermore, she called herself ‘a lover girlwho catches feelings quickly’, and said that hertype of guyusually has dark hair and dark eyes, but isn’t of specific skin color.


Despite filming adult videos with girls such asLayla DelineandLucien Lorraineand an unidentified dark-skinned man whose face she never showed, Mckinzie stated that she’ssingle on Valentine’s Dayin 2024.

Physical characteristics

Mckinzie has dark brown hair, sometimes dyed black, andhazel eyes. She is 5ft 6ins (1.67m) tall and weighs about 137lbs (62kgs). Mckinzie has a belly button piercing and two tattoos,a flower with a stembetween her breasts, and severalRoman numeralson her left rib, which appear to form years of birth and death. She has also been open about wanting to havebreast augmentation, but clarified several times that her buttocks are natural and a product of years of training in the gym.

Net worth

Mckinzie has a net worth of about $1 million, primarily from her modeling gigs, subscriptions to her OnlyFans account, and merchandise sales, mainly posters and digital photos that she started marketing on her official websitein December 2023. In September 2022, Mckinzie purchased awhite Mercedes-Benzfrom her earnings. Furthermore, Mckinzie has also promoted the BOXR gym in Miami and official OnlyFans merchandise.

The Untold Story of McKinzie Valdez's Career as a Model (2024)
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