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Prior to W-2 issuance:

  • Sign up for online delivery byJanuary 19 and get your W-2 as early asJanuary 25!
    • Get early access to your W-2 and free copies through October 15, 2024.
    • CLICK HEREto go to Paperless Employee and sign up today!
    • Paperless Employee has a User Guide available to reference for your account creation and other W-2 self-service features.
    • If you have not registered for online delivery by January 19, you will have your W-2 mailed via USPS mail to the address on record no later thanJanuary 31.
  • Avoid a delayed or incorrect W-2.
    • Lookat your most recent paystub and confirm that your information is correct.
    • Report any other missing or incorrect information to your local branch no later thanJanuary 11.
    • Have you moved?Tax documents are not forwarded by the postal service. Therefore, if you have moved, it is imperative that your address is updated in the system no later thanJanuary 11.
    • Use the mobile app to change your home address, email, and phone number.

Requesting a printed copy of your W-2:

  • Requests for W-2 reprints will be accepted beginningFebruary 15.
  • Paper W-2 reprint requests can be made beginning February 15. These requests must be submitted in writing by visiting a local branch and completing a W-2 Copy Request Form.

Note: Additional reprint requests will be available for a fee of$10. If you haven’t already requested a copy of your W-2 in the past, you must create an account at Paperless Employee for payment of the fee and W-2 download. When your timely election for online delivery is made at Paperless Employee, copies of your W-2 are free through October 15.

Associates claiming EXEMPT status for Federal and/or State tax withholding purposes:

  • Associates claiming to beEXEMPTfor federal and/or state tax withholding purposes:
    • Federal Exempt Status
      • A new 2024 W-4 MUST be completed byFebruary 15, 2024,to maintain yourEXEMPTstatus.
      • If a replacement W-4 is not received, the 2024 W-4 will be treated as if the employee had checked the box for Single or Married filing separately in Step 1(c) and made no entries in Step 2, Step 3, or Step 4 of the 2024 Form W-4.
    • State Exempt Status
      • There are several states where claiming exempt expires annually so a new 2024 W-4 MUST be submitted byFebruary 15, 2024,to maintain the exempt status.
      • If a new W-4 is not received, the 2024 W-4 will be treated as if the employee had elected Single with Zero withholding allowances.
    • To initiateEXEMPTstatus updates, please contact your local branch. The 2024 W-4 will be available beginningDecember 31, 2023.


What is Paperless Employee?

Paperless Employee (https://www.paperlessemployee.com/Associates/PE) is a secure and user-friendly site where you may access your W-2. The site’s welcome messaging contains a hyperlink to a user guide that has step by step instructions for available services. This includes creating and managing an account, registering for online delivery, resetting your password, and printing copies of your W-2.

If you’re an existing user, use the “Login” section to access your account. If you’re a new user, you can create an account by going to the “Create An Account” section.

When will I have access to my W-2?

W-2’s will be printed and postmarked no later than January 31 and sent via USPS mail.

If you signed up for Paperless Employee, you may have access to your W-2 as early as January 25.

I registered for online delivery, but it was after the January 19 deadline.

If you registered for Paperless Employee and made the online delivery election after January 19, 2024, your W-2 will be printed and mailed via USPS mail no later than January 31.

I did not sign up for Paperless Employee and I updated my address after January 11, 2024.

Your W-2 will be mailed via USPS to the address on file as of January 11, 2024. You can sign up for Paperless Employee to receive a copy of your W-2.

I did not receive a copy of my W-2.

You can access Paperless Employee to receive a copy of your W-2.

If you prefer to have a paper copy mailed via USPS, written requests for W-2 copies will be accepted beginning February 15 by visiting a local branch and completing a request form.

Can I ask my local branch to print a copy of my W-2 for me?

No. Branches cannot access, print, or email your W-2.

To align with general data protection regulations and to protect associate personally identifiable information W-2 forms cannot be accessed, printed, or emailed by your local branch or any EmployBridge colleague. Best practice is to retrieve your W-2 directly from Paperless Employee. Individuals choosing not to use Paperless Employee must make W-2 copy requests in writing by visiting a local branch and completing a request form.

I received multiple W-2s, why?

You could receive multiple W-2’s if you worked for more than one of our brands, which may have a different Federal Identification number (FEIN), or if you worked at more than one worksite.

I believe my taxes are reported incorrectly on my W-2.

The tax amounts reflected on the W-2 are the amounts that were withheld based on the associate’s Federal and State W4 information.

After the W-2 has been created the reporting of wages and tax monies have already been sent to the tax agencies. Withholding elections cannot be changed retroactively to refund or deduct additional monies post end of year filing. You should make attempts to reconcile your withholding directly with the tax agency.

I believe my wages are reported incorrectly on my W-2.

You could receive multiple W-2’s if you worked for more than one of our brands, which may have a different Federal Identification number (FEIN), or if you worked at more than one worksite.

If you did not work for more than one site, the wages reflected on the W-2 are taxable wages. If you had Section 125 Cafeteria Plan deductions (e.g., medical, dental, vision insurance) or other non-taxable payments (reimbursem*nts) that may explain the perceived error.

If the two statements above do not apply to you and you believe your W-2 wages are reported incorrectly, please contact us through the W-2 Hotline (866-692-6695) for further assistance.

My W-4 Status is incorrect.

All W-4 changes must be initiated by the local branch. Please visit your local branch to make changes to your W-4 elections.

My Name or SSN is not correct.

Please visit your local branch for all name or SSN corrections. A help desk ticket needs to be submitted by branch personnel to initiate system and W- 2 corrections.

What is the company FEIN and/or State account ID?

Company policy is that the Federal Identification Number (FEIN) or State Identification Number is not shared. You will need to obtain this information directly from your W-2.

Do you still have questions?

For W-2 support, a live agent will be available starting January 25, 2024. Self-service auto-response instructions on this hotline are available 365 days a year. The W-2 Hotline Support Number is 866-692-6695.

W-2 Information | Prologistix (2024)
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