New York Scratch Off Winners Left (2024)

1. Scratch-Off Games | New York Lottery: Official Site

  • Scratch to Uncover New York's Most Surprising Facts! Take The Quiz! Scratch-Off Games ... Top Prize: $888,888. Top Prizes Remaining: 1. Prize Claim Deadline: Open.

  • Welcome to the official website of the New York Lottery. Remember you must be 18+ to purchase a Lottery ticket.

2. Scratch-Off Tickets - Remaining Prizes |

  • Apr 22, 2024 · New York Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets ; $1,000,000 Lucky Dog, 1518, $50,000 per year for 20 years ; $10,000 A Week for Life, 1584, $10,000 per week ...

  • View a list of all Scratch-Off games currently on sale across New York state, including the number of prizes left in the first and second tiers for each game.

3. Scratch-Off Game Detail | New York Lottery: Official Site

  • Welcome to the official website of the New York Lottery ... All Winning Numbers · How to Claim a Prize · Schedule An Appointment · Winner Stories · Games · Draw ...

  • Welcome to the official website of the New York Lottery. Remember you must be 18+ to purchase a Lottery ticket.

4. N.Y. Lottery: There are 6 top prize $10M tickets left in circulation for ...

  • Apr 13, 2024 · STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — The highest payout for a winning New York State Lottery scratch-off ticket is $10 million, and there are seven such ...

  • Each game ticket costs $30.

5. New York Lottery Scratch-off Games Top Prizes Remaining

  • New York Lottery Scratch-off Games Top Prizes Remaining ; $2, Cashword*, 5.02 ; $2, Cashword Doubler*, 5.09 ; $20, $5,000,000 RICHES, 3.35 ; $20, $10,000 A Week For ...

  • New York Lottery Scratch-off Games Top Prizes Remaining ScratchSmarter pulls all of this data from the New York Lottery Scratch-off game pages and puts it here, making it easier to help you make sure the games you play still have a top prize remaining! We pull this data from every day! This report is

6. Million Dollar Winning Mega Millions Ticket Sold In New York

7. $1 Million Scratch-Off Winning Ticket Hiding In New York State

  • Feb 28, 2024 · Lottery officials confirmed a $1 million scratch-off winning ticket is hiding somewhere in New York State.

  • Lottery officials confirmed a $1 million scratch-off winning ticket is hiding somewhere in New York State.

8. Love to Win Big? NY Lottery Scratch-Off Games With Most ...

  • Feb 1, 2024 · There are plenty of NY Lottery scratch-off games that have big jackpots left. If you are feeling lucky, try your luck at one of the New York ...

  • Is love in the air? It could be when you scratch off these New York Lottery tickets with the highest jackpots left. Fall in love with winning big this February and become an instant millionaire.

9. Which NY Lottery Scratch-Off Games Have the Most Top Prizes Left?

  • Feb 1, 2023 · NY Lottery Scratch-Off Games. Top prize is $10,000,000. There are three jackpots left in this game.

  • The Powerball and the Mega Millions jackpots have been high but let's not forget that with just one scratch-off ticket, you could become a millionaire. According to the New York Lottery, these are the scratch-off games that still have jackpots to be won to make you an instant millionaire.

10. Scratch-Offs - Maryland Lottery

  • Ticket Art. Top Prize: $1,000,000; Top Prizes Remaining: 3; Chances to Win: 32; Game Start: 05/20/2024; Probability of Winning: 1 in 3.04. Game: 695; How to ...

  • Scratching Tips

11. "Big Money" Powerball Winners From Wednesday Night In New York

  • Mar 28, 2024 · ... winning Lottery tickets were sold at 7-11s. ... There are plenty of NY Lottery scratch-off games that have big jackpots left. ... New York Lottery ...

  • Just a day after there were 22 Big Money winning Mega Millions tickets sold in New York State including three tickets that won $1 million or more dollars, the New York State Lottery announced that 6 Big Money winning tickets were sold in the state from last night's Powerball drawing.

12. NY Lottery: Winner hits $1M scratch-off; 3 left for popular game

  • Feb 6, 2024 · Robert Fehr, of Angola, received a single lump sum payment of $475,230 after required withholdings, the New York Lottery has announced.

  • Here's what players need to know about recent winnings and the tickets left in circulation.

13. Hoosier Lottery | Indiana's State Lottery | Hoosier Lottery

  • Latest Winning Numbers. Get Winning Numbers Alerts ... The new $2 JAWS Scratch-off is here and it's coming for you! ... Hoosier Lottery Two Drawer Left Image. New ...

  • Hoosier Lottery is the only state lottery to be named after its people. And our people know how to play.

14. 2 Scratch-Offs Each Worth $5 Million Hiding In New York State

  • Feb 6, 2024 · Westchester County Lottery Player Claims $5,000,000 Scratch-Off Prize · $5 Million Winning Ticket Sold At ShopRite in White Plains, New York.

  • A Hudson Valley resident went to a supermarket and won $5 million. Lottery officials confirmed two more $5 scratch-offs are still available.

15. Winners & News - Virginia Lottery

  • Scratchers AllNew ScratchersPromotional Scratchers$50 Scratchers ... Latest Winners. Winners ... She told Lottery officials that after buying the ticket, she left ...

  • View the latest Virginia Lottery winners and news. See recent winners and what's happening at the Lottery!

16. Lottery Tax Calculator: How It Works, What You Owe - NerdWallet

  • May 24, 2024 · That's because the total amount of the lottery prize is calculated based on the winner choosing the annuity payment plan. ... Left Sparkle new ...

  • Lottery winnings are subject to withholding as well as to federal and sometimes state taxes. If you win big, plan for the taxes ahead of time.

17. Brooklyn's two-time $10m scratch-off winner still buying tickets

  • Apr 4, 2024 · ... left his job at the gas station, said. ... scratch-off game, according to New York Lottery officials. ... wins, Nabil said. Probe-Media for NY Post.

  • Wayne Murray — who won $10 million prizes on separate scratch-off lottery tickets twice in two years — is back buying scratch off cards again.

18. These NY Lotto Scratch-Offs Have The Best Odds Of Winning This Month

  • Oct 5, 2023 · There's a better way to pick which New York State Lottery scratch-off tickets to play. Here are the NY Lotto games with the best odds of ...

  • Don't waste your money - win some instead!

19. Lottery Tax Calculator: How Your Winnings Are Taxed - TaxAct Blog

  • Winning the lottery can bump you into a higher tax bracket. ... New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio ... off,” and clicking the “Confirm My Choices” button.

  • Lottery Tax Calculator helps you determine what you owe in taxes. Know how lottery winnings are taxed? What is the tax rate for lottery? And more at TaxAct.

20. Sc scratch off prizes remaining -

  • 13 hours ago · Section 3 - DETERMINATION OF SCRATCH-OFF PRIZE WINNERS ... remaining.Scratch-Offs New scratch-offs come out every First Tuesday. ... In the New York ...

  • 404

21. Draw Games & Results - Pennsylvania Lottery

  • ... prize claims that were on hold for processing during the conversion to the new system. The estimated timeframe for claims processing is now between eight ...

  • Play PA Lottery draw games like Powerball, Mega Millions, PICK 2, PICK 3, PICK 4, PICK 5, Wild Ball, Cash4Life, Cash 5, Match 6 Lotto, Millionaire Raffle & Treasure Hunt.

New York Scratch Off Winners Left (2024)


Who won the $10 million dollar scratch in NY Lottery? ›

Wayne Murray claimed his winnings from the 200X scratch-off game earlier in the week — marking the second straight year he's won a $10 million prize from a scratch-off lottery ticket. That's right: Two $10 million prizes in the span of just over a year on scratch-offs. Murray won his first top prize in Aug.

Can I scan my NY Scratch-Off ticket online? ›

You can also take your Scratch-Off Game to a retailer or scan it with our mobile app to confirm its status. What if I lose my winning Lottery ticket? All Lottery tickets are bearer instruments, meaning the tickets are like currency.

Where can I cash my lottery ticket over $600 in NY? ›

Winners of prizes of $600 or less can claim winnings at any lottery retailer. If your ticket is worth $601 or more, however, you currently have two options. Your first option is to mail-in a claim form along with your original, signed ticket. The lottery recommends using registered mail for your ticket.

How do you tell if your Florida Scratch-Off is a winner? ›

Check the official drawing results to see if you're a winner! Draw results are available on the Lottery's website at, at authorized Florida Lottery retailers and by phone at (850) 921-PLAY (7529).

Has anyone won $10,000 a week for life? ›

Patrick Smith of North Syracuse bought a scratch-off ticket made him an instant millionaire. Smith won the top prize of $10,000 a week for life, a scratch-off game from the New York Lottery. He purchased it at a Circle K in Oneida. The ticket guarantees a minimum payout of $10,000,000 before taxes.

How long does it take to receive lottery winnings in NY? ›

Allow approximately 15 business days for processing. Jackpot prize of $250,000 or more may take longer.

How much taxes are deducted from NY lottery winnings? ›

New York State withholding 10.90%

Can you stay anonymous after winning the lottery in New York? ›

In New York State, lottery winners are generally required to disclose their identities as part of the public record. As the New York Lottery is a government agency, they have a duty to members of the public to disclose the winner.

How do I know if I won the 2nd chance? ›

If you win, you'll be notified by email to sign into your Lottery account for “important information.” When you log in, you'll be notified about your prize and a link to a 2nd Chance Winner Claim Form.

How much tax do you pay on a $1000 lottery ticket in Florida? ›

Florida is another state that does not tax lottery winnings. Individuals who win the lottery in Florida are not required to pay state taxes on their winnings. However, federal income taxes may still apply to lottery prizes.

Has anyone ever won the set for life scratcher? ›


- A California airport worker is set for life after winning $20 million from a scratch-off lottery ticket. The California Lottery said Durwin Hickman works at a Bay Area airport and bought a $30 Set For Life! ticket on his lunch break.

Is $1000 a week for life taxed? ›

Federal and state withholding would apply to each payment. (The current federal withholding rate is 24 percent, while the state withholding rate is 5 percent.) So, for the game's top prize of $1,000 a day for life, you would receive an annual payment after withholding of $259,150.

Who won the billionaire dollar lottery? ›

The California Lottery announced Friday the winner of last summer's Powerball jackpot worth $1.08 billion. Lottery officials said Yanira Alvarez is the lucky lady who matched all the numbers with the ticket purchased at Las Palmitas Mini Market in downtown Los Angeles in July.

Does NY disclose lottery winners? ›

In New York State, lottery winners are generally required to disclose their identities as part of the public record. As the New York Lottery is a government agency, they have a duty to members of the public to disclose the winner.

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